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Guy Wah - Freelance Admin BrightonHello and thanks for visiting. If you’re looking for flexible, friendly and reliable admin, marketing or consultancy support – you’re in the right place!

I’m an experienced admin professional with twenty years’ experience across the private, public, and community sectors, with a specialism in social enterprise and ethical business. I offer low-cost, tailored business support to small businesses and sole traders.

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Experienced freelance admin support

Admin Mechanic

Is your admin all over the place? Do you dread going through your bag of receipts at tax return time? Are you so busy that you often forget who you have contacted and who you haven’t? Are you losing customers because you keep forgetting to follow up leads? Perhaps you need some freelance admin support?

There is a better way! I will look over your existing admin systems and recommend ways to save you time and money.

Estimated time needed: Dependent on the complexity of the changes needed, though simple systems can take as little as two hours. Initial one-hour, no obligation meeting to discuss freelance admin support is always free of charge. Contact me to start the conversation!

Save time and money with better admin systems

My admin systems are awesome. I carefully consider the type of data you need and where it needs to be stored and distributed. I then create a simple-to-use bespoke admin system using your preferred tools. They can be paper and pen, spreadsheets, or more sophisticated online tools.

You’ll save time by no longer having to rush around to collate data for reports! When your end of year tax return, funder report, or marketing ROI  figures are due, you’ll thank me!

Estimated time needed: Dependent on the complexity of the system, though simple systems can take as little as two hours. Initial one-hour, no obligation meeting to discuss freelance admin support is always free of charge. Contact me to start the conversation!

Generic admin support

With twenty years’ experience in admin and management, I can provide bespoke support for any project. This might include, but is not limited to, any of the following: data entry, tidying up spreadsheets, creating or updating PowerPoint presentations, updating WordPress websites, taking dictation, providing IT support, writing letters, researching competitors or analysing customer data.

Estimated time needed: Entirely dependent on your needs. Happy to work on a short-term basis, or discuss longer-term project fees. Initial one-hour, no obligation meeting is always free of charge. Contact me to start the conversation!

Low cost graphic design

Need a poster, flier, or novelty bookmark to promote your business? I can work to your specifications to create simple but effective marketing materials. All materials are designed with accessibility at the forefront, and my style is bold and clear. Check out some of my graphic design work here.

Estimated time needed: Each item typically tales two hours, though great value packages are available. Initial one-hour, no obligation meeting is always free of charge. Contact me to start the conversation!

Self-employment start-up

So, you’ve decided that you want to start a business, but you’re not sure if self-employment is right for you. Or maybe you want to do something for the community, but you don’t know where you stand legally.

I have supported a range of people to start their own businesses. This includes people setting up mental health charities and people trying out self-employment for the first time.

Sometimes a quick chat to talk things through is all you need to help make up your mind. Other times you might need longer-term support to establish your idea. Either way, with a background in social enterprise advice and personal experience of running businesses, I can help.

Estimated time needed: The first hour is usually spent establishing your motives and ideas. From there on, one-hour meetings are organised on an ad-hoc basis. Initial one-hour, no obligation meeting is always free of charge. Contact me to start the conversation!

Website design

A functional, accessible website is crucial for any business or sole trader to be taken seriously, but a professional looking website doesn’t have to cost the earth. From just £75, I can create a WordPress website and show you how to maintain it with a minimum of technical knowledge.

You can see live examples of my work at BrightonActors.co.uk, (Brighton &) Hove Grown, ZLS Theatre, Guy Wah – Actor and Entertainment Professional, and of course on the very website you are reading now!

Estimated time needed: Varies greatly – see the various packages on offer. Initial one-hour, no obligation meeting to is always free of charge. Contact me to start the conversation!


By using my services, you’re getting more than just high quality admin. You’re getting a fully integrated system that complements your own working style.

With a degree in Business Information Systems* I can create low-cost bespoke information and data recording methods that suit you and your business’s own style.

Personalised support

I will provide you with personalised one-to-one guidance in using your new admin tools, including phone, email and face-to-face support. All bespoke tools also come with a jargon-free user manual written in plain English.

Take a look at the services I offer.

*Business Information Systems is the understanding of how data links together behind both manual and computer systems.

About Me

Strong work ethic

Guy Walsh
Image by David Myers

You name it, I’ve done it.

Born in Leicester and with a strong work ethic, I got my first paper-round aged 13, and stayed with it until I was 18. A short stint cleaning pans at the University of Leicester followed, before more regular work was offered on the checkouts of Asda.

At university I studied Business Information Systems, while working for Domino’s Pizza as a pizza delivery driver to support myself. During my first summer as a driver, I was offered the opportunity to manage the store during the daytime, providing a fantastic first experience of people, customer, and stock management.

Graduate trainee

After graduation I worked in an international call centre for the parcel and logistics company now known as UK Mail. Within a year I was a graduate trainee in Birmingham, where I worked everywhere from the warehouse to the boardroom. A personal highlight was setting up and operating the call centre alone for the UK Mail postage product. UK Mail was the first competitor to Royal Mail that was granted access to the postage market.

Becoming homesick, I returned to the international call centre in Leicester, where I eventually became manager.

Career change

Seeking a career change, I joined the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) as a temporary admin worker. Impressed with my IT skills and systems knowledge, I was offered a full-time post as PA to the Deputy General Secretary. Feeling that the role didn’t complement my skills, I moved into the training and consultancy team, where I streamlined the admin of the consultancy service and provided admin support to in excess of 30 courses per year, plus conferences.

Moving to Brighton

A change of scenery followed when I moved Brighton. I returned to Domino’s Pizza as Assistant Manager and then moved on to work for Business Link, the government’s business support service, where I again coordinated training delivery, networking events and one-to-one support.

I then spent two years supporting people with mental health support needs. I assisted them both to return to work and to set up their own social enterprises.

Acting calls

Aged 30, I started my actor training. For the first time, I’d found something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Going freelance became the next step.

I then set up Sweet Opportunity- a social enterprise pilot designed to provide work experience for adults with learning disabilities. The opportunities would be created solely through sales revenue, with no government funding. I closed the pilot when I decided to move to London- though I returned to Brighton four months later.

Freelance admin support

Since then I’ve set up bespoke admin and marketing systems for a local safeguarding charity, worked on reception for a local adult education charity, worked as a brand ambassador on a range of promotional campaigns for a number of agencies, worked in the kiosks and sponsor lounge of Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club, delivered fliers and business cards door-to-door, worked as a freelance social enterprise advisor and designed a number of websites (including this one!).

AND AS IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, I set up ZLS Creative, a social enterprise performing arts company, created and maintained the website BrightonActors.co.uk, and co-founded (Brighton &) Hove Grown, a festival of performing arts exclusively for Brighton & Hove performers and writers.

Hopefully now you can see that by working with me, you get more than just an admin person. You get someone that can think strategically, create and implement systems that work for employees and customers, and be trusted to get things done.

When you’re ready, drop me an email or give me a call.


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